Since our inception, Atteloir has served as a complete visual communications solutions provider to the federal government. Our mission is simple: provide a team of highly specialized experts in video teleconferencingto our clients, ensuring solutions that are completely customized to the unique needs of each customer.

We specialize in providing secure video teleconferencing capabilities to our Federal government customers and DoD installations worldwide, connecting key decision makers at crucial moments. Atteloir's team of specialists possess the range of capabilities necessary to address the particulars of any project - whether design-build capabilitiesare needed to transform a raw space into a state-of-the art conferencing facility or an integrated network solution is required to incorporate new technologies with legacy systems to ensure secure, stable connections.

As the customer interface to the operation of this system, properly configured control panels are an important step in guaranteeing long-term customer satisfaction with our products.

All of this is accomplished through a thorough needs analysis. By working in partnership with our clients, our team of specialized experts ensures that onsite personnel have access to the latest technologies to meet the needs of the customer.

AV Engineering Services

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